Good Words

Thank you again for all the wonderful support. The amount you gave of yourself really inspired me and meant more to me than I ever suspected it would.
— TC - 1998
Thank you for the wonderful birth experience. You were great!
— Vivian & Karl Clausing
Muchas Gracias por sus atenciones con nosotros. Dios las Bendiga.
— practicing MD
Sarah and I met on a regular basis over the next 5 months, and she personally coached and prepared me for the experiences ahead. She provided both accurate technical information and keen wisdom, and was an amazing resource during every step of the way. By the time of the birth in May 2000, Sarah had coached both baby’s father and me to a place where we had communicated and agreed upon parenting plans, and we were fully committed to actively co-parent.

Thanks to Sarah’s support, I learned to trust my body and to trust the experience as it unfolded. After going 10 days past my due date, and being 5 cm dilated for 5 days, I birthed a perfect 9 lb. baby girl without the use of any drugs. It would be the understatement of a lifetime to say that Sarah was indispensable throughout the experience.
— Mary Kuchler
You helped both Alex and I see beyond the mechanics of birth to the grace and joy of becoming parents. We can’t thank you enough for making our son’s debut into this world such a beautiful experience.
— Rebecca Bangs