Bring awareness and care to this deep landscape of your body...

Individualized Pre-conceptive Care 

When you come to into our care, you gain knowledge and awareness about your body, your phase of womanhood and how to nourish and care for yourself. We spend a minimum of an hour with you, treating you as the whole being, you are.  

  • Receive support and guidance in thinking through your options and finding the right course for your family in a personalized consultation in your own home, or by phone or Skype as needed.

  • Deciding whether to have a baby
  • Finding your route to parenthood
  • Choosing a donor
  • Navigating co-parenting
  • Creation or location of supportive communities
  • Charting your fertility
  • Processing the roller coaster ride of coming to parenthood
  • Finding your work/life/family balance

Well Woman Services

  • Physical Exams/Annual Exams
  • STD testing 
  • Breast Exams & Education
  • Pelvic Care & PAP's
  • Lab work 
  • Perimenopausal Support
  • Menopause Care