Monitrice Care 

This is an excellent option for women who wish to labor at home as long as possible before arriving at the hospital.

Monitrice care is akin to doula care, with several differences.  Doula's  do nothing clinical.  The monitrice provides all the emotional and nourishing care a doula plus can legally provide clinical support.  A monitrice,  is a person who has training in assessing a woman's vital signs, palpating fetal position, monitoring fetal heart tones, and checking cervical progress (when requested).  When the woman arrives at the hospital the monitrice then serves in the role of a doula, providing no clinical support.  

  • Complimentary one-hour consultation/interview

  • Six one-hour prenatal visits, beginning at 28 weeks which include:

  •  Discussing your wishes for labor and birth 

  •  Discussing the role in which you desire the monitrice to have during your labor and birth

  •  Learning and practicing comfort measures & various positions for labor and birth 

  •  Learning how to make informed choices

  •  Taking maternal vitals, listening to fetal heart tones, and palpating fetal position

  • Cervical checks upon your request, at-term and only if indicated

  • 24/7 email and phone support starting at 37 weeks 

  • On-call for you starting 37 weeks

  • Labor and birth support

  • Helping husband/partner with comfort measures during labor and birth

  • One to two hours postpartum care at your place of birth

  • One postpartum visit, more if needed

  • reastfeeding support

  •  Infant massage training and Arvigo Postpartum Abdominal massage are also included. 

Please call Sarah and book an interview.